As the population ages, more and more elderly people need daily care.
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ICare application and Stress Syndrome
As the population ages, more and more elderly people need daily care. The caregiver is usually a close person, partner, adult child or relative
They often become informal carers overnight, not fully aware of the burden that awaits them.
Very often, the period of caring for a loved one is one of the hardest in life, and although care is performed by caregivers with full devotion, love and care, however fatigue, frustration, sadness and loneliness appear. Stress caused by mental and physical strain can exacerbate financial problems, lack of support from others, lack of time and the feeling of losing your life.
Too much stress and prolonged physical and emotional stress can lead to very serious health consequences, including depression.
There is still very little talk about the caregiver’s problems, and it is their mental and physical condition that has the greatest impact on the safety and quality of life of the sick person.
The iCare application has been created primarily for caregivers who are not qualified healthcare professionals, its purpose is to support and plan everyday care activities, coordinate care with other participants and enable constant contact with medical staff and family.
How can iCare App help you?

In planning a shared calendar with other caregivers.

Regain control over your day, plan medical visits, shopping, preparing meals and other care activities so that you don’t have to worry about missing something. Exchange appointments with other caregivers and family to plan some time for yourself and a moment to rest. If you are a sole caregiver, simply scheduling a large number of tasks with a reminder function will affect your well-being and reduce stress.

In quick and direct contact with other caregivers, family or medical staff.

There are times when you don’t want to make your own decisions or need a quick consultation with your family or medical advice.
You can easily communicate with your own group involved in the treatment process of a sick person, send photos, connect online via video or chat.

Just knowing that you are not alone is very important.

Remember that physicians or nurses taking care of your relatives have a very busy day, they often visit a dozen or more patients and it is difficult for them to answer the phone at any time of the day. The intelligent system of messages and notifications allows them to stay in touch with family caregivers in order not to leave them without help.

In the division of tasks and the cost of care.

If you are not the only person who takes care of the sick person, you can certainly divide many tasks among other caregivers, everyday shopping, filling prescriptions or official matters, it usually takes time and requires financial outlays.

Thanks to the iCare application, each caregiver can document all incurred costs, bills or invoices in order to later be able to share them with other family members.

High costs of caring for a sick person are often a source of stress and misunderstandings in the family. It is worth using a tool that allows a transparent view of all payments with a description and date of their implementation.

In monitoring the health of a sick person 24/7

If you are a caregiver who coordinates the care of a loved one outside of their place of residence, e.g. when you live in another city or country, it is very important to feel safe and calm, which ensures 24-hour monitoring of vital signs using remote monitoring devices, i.e. ECG, saturation temperature, blood pressure, sugar or parameters such as the level of pain or general well-being. The possibility of immediate reaction, organizing help or online contact are among the most important benefits of telemedicine.