Telemedicine application supporting adult and children palliative care.

An intuitive, modern tool for CAREERS, NURSES and PHYSICIANS to coordinate the process of patient care at home hospices.

ICare Functions

The iCare application helps to improve the quality of life of patients and their carers in the process of palliative care.
It optimizes and coordinates activities through smart planning, anticipation and prevention of critical events.
It automates manual tasks and formalities, facilitates mutual coordination of medical personnel and the patient’s family, and gives access to shared medical records, a care plan and the results of vital signs measurements of patient.

Access to medical records from any place and device

Communication between caregivers and physicians via chat, telephone and video calls

Shared calendar and the ability to assign tasks to particular individual

Cost control, sharing costs of treatment and purchases between caregivers

Constant monitoring of vital signs of patient, notification, alerts

Access to treatment plans and the ability to create its own

E-prescription module, issuing an e-prescription, archiving in the application

Medicine management, administration control, reminding

Do you take care of a loved one, which requires specialist palliative care?

It’s a beautiful, important and responsible role, but also a hard and undoubtedly exhausting time. The iCare application has been created to facilitate the daily life of family carers and medical staff of home hospices, directly affecting the improvement of the quality of life of patients.

Advantages of the iCare app


Technology and security

The latest standards for the exchange of medical data on the HL7 FHIR server and the modern architecture of the telemedicine platform, including security servers, allow for the safe provision of medical services, while allowing for interoperability with external medical systems and devices.


Data analysis and event prediction

Our platform for medical data analysis allows you to archive and apply AI algorithms in order to easily and quickly obtain the expected indicators, summaries, reports and information supporting medical diagnosis and predictive alerts.


Electronic medical records

The iCare application supports the patient’s basic medical documentation, necessary for the conduct of coordinated palliative care by medical staff and private caregivers.


ICare integration

Thanks to the use of the interoperable HL7 FHIR standard and the IoMT device management platform, the iCare application can work with any wireless telemedicine devices, such as ECG, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, medical bands, glucometers and other measuring devices.
Our goal is to provide access to 24/7 monitoring of basic life parameters, ensuring a sense of security for both patients and their carers.

What is Coordinated Care?

Coordinated Care is a model of joint, continuous and integrated care for a sick person, which is provided by family caregivers, physicians, nurses and other specialistic medical personnel.

The iCare application provides efficient and secure communication and support tools for all those involved in the integrated care process.
All this in order to provide the patient with uninterrupted care, assistance and care through the ongoing exchange of information, tasks and medical services as well as the caregivers with peace and respite in such a difficult role as they play.

Who is the iCare app for?

Caregivers and family

Individual users of the application who find themselves in a situation where care for a chronically ill person falls on them. Typically, they are the ones who coordinate the daily care, organize medical assistance and share tasks with other family members and medical staff.


In their daily work, they are involved in the care of approximately 15 patients a month. Keeping records, tracking changes, and communicating daily with each family of the patient is a challenge every day. Optimizing work through remote communication, insight into the patient’s condition and the provision of electronic medical services, including e-prescriptions and remote visits, allows you to efficiently coordinate the medical care process, eliminating errors and neglection.


Nurses working in public hospices and private long-term palliative care centers look after about 10 patients daily. Their punctuality and time spent on the visit directly affect the comfort and sense of security of patients and their caregivers. The patient’s family often communicates with them to seek advice, sometimes several times the same day. The iCare application helps Nurses exchange information and plan visits with the patient’s family and other medical staff.

Other medical personnel

Other medical staff (Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Clergy). It is very important that all people involved in the care plan for a sick person have access to up-to-date information about the patient and his/her needs as well as about the needs of relatives who also often require professional help and support. Deteriorating physical condition, pain or deepening depression may lead to deterioration of health and even death of the sick person. Mutual communication, information exchange is a key role in multidisciplinary palliative care.


We are happy to arrange a meeting to present you the possibilities of cooperation.

We encourage you to use the iCare application in Home Hospice, Palliative Clinics and Private Care Centers.

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iCare is the finalist of the 2020 competition

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